Top 3 Nespresso Vertuo Pods
Top 3 Nespresso Vertuo Pods


arondio nespresso pods
arondio nespresso pods

The mid-intensity pods are normally a fine mix for Nespresso, bold enough to have a lot of flavors, mellow not is overpowering.

And so it’s with Arondio, which has an amazing combination of flavors.

Using Colombian Arabica that brings the cereal and mild notes and a touch of Guatemala Robusta that accentuates the intensity, this is an amazing blend.

On the nose, the coffee has a sweet and light note to it, with the bolder cereal tones.

Drinking it, there is a refreshing vibe backed up by the bolder cereal notes.

A pure touch of acidity and just a hint o bitterness round this mixture off.


Fortado nespresso pods
Fortado nespresso pods

It uses a blend of dark roasted India Robusta and mid roasted Central American and.

The overall darkness is the more overpowering and provides Fortado its intensity rating and complete bodied fragrance.

There is a hint of sweet from the cocoa powder notes, too.

It is not the most subtle coffee, with the darker Robusta adding strength and the deeper tones to consume.

The cocoa notes come though slightly, though they are quite subtle.

With a slight bitterness to the Bitterness to the Fortado pods, it is not our favorite blend.

Master Origin Columbia

Master Origin Columbia nespresso pods
Master Origin Columbia nespresso pods

A gentle and smooth coffee pod, smooth, and the light roast of the Master Origin Columbia might be a little subtle for a few best buds.

For all those that love subtlety, there is a lot to like here. As the tasting notes say, there is a pure sweetness to this cup, with a red berry coming through like a fine wine.

A gentle cup of coffee for the morning and slow afternoon, the delicate note of this Master Origin Columbia coffee means that it is not overpowering.

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