Lidl Italiamo Coffee Beans
Lidl Italiamo Coffee Beans

Espresso Magnifico is part of the Italiano line of Italian products promoted by Lidl, the German grocery store chain.

The aroma of the ground beans is extremely chocolatey and naturally sweet.

Many of the classic Robusta elements are there as well – flowers, earth, and vanilla.

Anyway, dark chocolate is definitely the key spec. you get the impression that this will be an extremely full-flavored blend.

Bellarom Bio Organic 100% Arabica

The bouquet was extremely similar. It was sweet, with a little hint of vanilla in the background.

Pleasant enough, but nothing amazing.

There were no clear nuances to speak of, just your regular grocery store Arabica smell.

The mixture tasted a lot drier than guessed, somewhat bitter, and acidic even—nothing to write home about, truly.

Italiamo Caffè Tradizionale 100% Arabica

This mixture is blended for Lidl in Italy.

While the firm does not provide any additional information about its origin, you can tell Caffee Tradizionale is different than the blends under the Bellarom brand name.

As you open the bag, you are welcome by the familiar aroma of the Italian express blend, bitter, dark chocolate, some almonds, even an amaretto-like aroma in the background. Very perfect.

The bouquet feels pretty much the same. Just the dark chocolate has turned into milk chocolate by now.

The flavor is much more uniform than in Crema, yet not perfect full by any means. Cafe Tradiozionale is extremely much a medium blend, both in terms of strength and body.

It is not too sweet, but not too bitter either. You get a perfect taste of milk, almonds, and chocolate.

Caffè Tradizionale does actually what you guess from it. It may not be top-notch artisan coffee, but a rightly enjoyable Italian medium espresso, right up there with your Lavazzas of Segafredos.

Just the price is affordable.

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