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Differences between Arabica and Robusta | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

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Discover how coffee is cultivated, processed and roasted by Italian roasters, from the plant to the cup, with our series of videos hosted by Gabriella Baiguera, consultant for Slow Food, Italy.

In this episode Gabriella explains the differences between Arabica and Robusta kind of coffee. The potential tastiness of an espresso is primarily hidden in the beans: it’s better to grind them using the De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine in that moment.

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The two types of coffee used are Arabica and Robusta: the former can be recognised by its flat, elongated beans, while the beans of the latter are rounder. Arabica is fragrant and pleasantly acidic, its beans tend to have a sweeter, softer taste with undertones of sugar, fruit and berries. Their acidity is higher with a wine like taste that charcterises the coffee with a delicious acidity.
Robusta, as the name suggests, is more full-bodied and bitter, with a high concentration of caffeine. It has a stronger, harsher taste with a grain-like overtone and peanutty aftertaste. It contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans.

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