History of Coffee

The history of coffee has been documented as early as the tenth century AD, where its use was largely restricted to the native beans of Ethiopia. Here highlanders first farmed the coffee plant, however, it was the Arabs who saw the trading potential and sold the beans to northern Africa where mass-cultivation occurred. Early 14th Century explorers upon seeing the coffee drinking in the near east labelled it as a drug, reporting the many medicinal benefits from consumption in the morning. From there, the beans entered the European and Indian markets in the 17th Century, where the popularity of the coffee became widespread, as the “the wine of Arabia”

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Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Coffee machine making coffee in pub, bar, restaurant.Whether you’re a long-time pro or just love a good cup, great coffee is something we all can appreciate.  And making espresso at home is one of life’s greatest small pleasures.

Italian coffee

Italian coffee beans are defined by their roast. Italians tend to go for a medium-dark roast because it delivers all the qualities usually favoured in an espresso or a ristretto. Green coffee beans are roasted for a longer period at a higher temperature than other roasts. This process produces brown coffee beans with little or no oily surface, more robust flavours and smokier aromas.

Make Moka Coffee with an Italian Coffee Maker

A macchinetta del caffe, or small coffee machine, is an Italian coffee percolator. It’s a classic machine used to make espresso-style coffee. They make coffee similarly to an espresso machine, but at lower pressures than an electric espresso maker.

An Italian coffee maker or Moka coffee maker, also commonly known as macchinetta or greca, is a kind of stovetop espresso maker that makes coffee using steam. Moka or Italian coffee makers are popular in Europe and come in different sizes that can be used to make between 1 and 18 50 ml cups. The original design was in aluminium with a bakelite handle.